How to Install PHP Composer on Rocky Linux 8

Install PHP Composer on Rocky Linux 8

In this article, we will have explained the necessary steps to install PHP Composer on Rocky Linux 8. Before continuing with this tutorial, make sure you are logged in as a user with sudo privileges. All the commands in this tutorial should be run as a non-root user.

A composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on. It is a command-line tool that installs all libraries and dependencies for your project from the repository.


  • Operating System with Rocky Linux 8
  • Server IPv4 Address with Superuser Privileges (Root Access)
  • Gnome Terminal for Linux Desktop
  • PuTTy SSH client for Windows or macOS
  • Powershell for Windows 10/11
  • Familiar with DNF Commands

Install PHP Composer on Rocky Linux 8

Step 1. First, before you start installing any package on your Rocky Linux server, we always recommend making sure that all system packages are updated.

sudo dnf install epel-release
sudo dnf update
sudo dnf upgrade

Step 2. Install Required Packages.

Before installing Composer, you will need to install PHP dependencies required to install Composer:

sudo dnf install php-cli php-json php-zip wget unzip

Step 3. Install Composer on Rocky Linux 8.

To install PHP composer on Rocky Linux, Run the command below to download the PHP composer installer script:

php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');"

Then, install the Composer to the /usr/loca/bin directory using the following command below:

php composer-setup.php --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer

Verify the PHP Composer version once the installation is done:

composer -V


Composer version 2.2.4 2022-01-19 00:30:36

Step 4. Testing Composer.

To test your installation, run the following command:



[[email protected] ~]# composer
  / ____/___  ____ ___  ____  ____  ________  _____
 / /   / __ \/ __ `__ \/ __ \/ __ \/ ___/ _ \/ ___/
/ /___/ /_/ / / / / / / /_/ / /_/ (__  )  __/ /
\____/\____/_/ /_/ /_/ .___/\____/____/\___/_/
Composer version 2.2.4 2022-01-19 00:46:37

  command [options] [arguments]

  -h, --help                     Display this help message

That’s all you need to do to install Composer on Rocky Linux 8. I hope you find this quick tip helpful. For further reading on PHP Composer, please refer to their official knowledge base. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.